Chocolate Confessions by Kay Dillon

We confess.  It's fun making our Traditional Truffles.  Our Classic Chocolate Truffles are infused with natural flavors and individually hand dipped in semisweet chocolate and hand decorated.  Only the highest quality Belgian chocolate is used to create these melt-in-your-mouth morsels of perfection.

We offer favors in individual packages of one or two truffles. The single truffles come in a square box, and the two truffle boxes are packaged in either a simple rectangle tied with ribbon or a ballotin which creates a bow upon closure. We also offer custom imprinting for an additional fee.If you'd like to package the truffles yourself, we sell them in bulk, minimum order 50.

Embossed Chocolate Bars available in 12 floral designs (Daisies shown) and 3 flavors; Peppermint, Semisweet, Almond: 3"x 4", 2.5oz., $8 each. One truffle box, $2.75; Two truffle box, $4.75; Bulk, $1.50. We also offer gorgeous gift boxes full of our best flavors. Call for pricing and sizes.

Classic Chocolate Truffles are available in the following flavors:

Noir a semisweet ganache

Champagne soft, whipped ganache with a hint of the bubbly

Salvador a classic with raspberry puree

Ginger fresh ginger infused, topped with crystallized ginger

Apricot Orange orange infused, with plump apricots

Walnut toasted walnut pieces incorporated into ganache

Earl Grey steeped in Earl Grey tea

Mint peppermint infused

Passion ganache with the zing of passion fruit puree

Lavender steeped in dried lavender

Lait a milk chocolate ganache

Sausalito a melding of milk and semisweet ganaches

Caramel rich caramel in milk chocolate ganache

Portugais hazelnut praline in milk chocolate in gold cups

Espresso a crushed espresso bean infused melding of milk and semisweet ganaches

Malt creamy malted milk chocolate

Torrone a honey laced hazelnut nougat softened in white chocolate ganache


Vegan Do Anything!  Introducing Organic, Vegan Confections by Kay Dillon

We’ve all had the experience of being disappointed by vegan sweets and wishing they
tasted more like delicious treats.  Well, yearn no more!  After years of dreaming and experimenting,
we have created non-GMO organic vegan truffles, caramels, cremes, and nut clusters which
are tasty and enticing.  And the best news is they’re good for you, too.  We can all benefit
from the healthful properties of dark chocolate and of coconut oil,  the main ingredients in our organic
Vegan Confections by Kay Dillon.

Vegan Do Anything!  Eight luscious vegan truffles of creamy ganache made with Belgian chocolate and coconut milk infusions

Oh yes, Vegan  Apricot Orange: Orange zest and plump apricots                      

Veganomics  Espresso: Crushed fair-trade espresso beans
To Ve, or not to Vegan  Ginger: Fresh ginger as well as candied                        

Vegan do anything  Lavender: Steeped in dried lavender                  

Vegan change the world  Mint: Steeped in peppermint tea

Vegan, Vidi, Vici  Pecan Date: Toasted, chopped pecans and Medjool dates
 Vegan work it out  Semisweet: That pure Belgian chocolate flavor shines through                     

It takes a Vegan  Walnut: Toasted, chopped walnuts

Vegan Do Anything!  Three amazing vegan caramels made with coconut milk and Celtic Sea Salt and dipped in semisweet chocolate

Fleur de Sel: Sea salt, chocolate and creamy caramel                       

Walnut: Toasted, chopped walnuts, chocolate and creamy caramel

Almond: Whole caramelized almonds rolled in chocolate

Vegan Do Anything!  Three vegan crème candies hand-dipped in Belgian chocolate

Marzipan Fig: Black figs and agave nectar wrapped in conventional vegan marzipan

Coconut: Coconut crème, chocolate and dried coconut

Montmorency Cherry: Crème packed with tart cherries and laced with conventional Kirsh

Organic, Vegan Confections by Kay Dillon   
Packaged for the Perfect Gift

Truffles, two piece rectangle, 1.2oz. two of any Truffle flavor                     $7.00            
Fruits & Cremes, three piece triangle, 1.7oz. one each of three Crème flavors                      $10.50  

Nuts & Caramels, three piece triangle, 2 oz. one each of three Caramel flavors                  $10.50

Truffles, eight piece rectangle, 4.5oz. one each of eight Truffle flavors                   $26.00


To order, please download an order form here or call Kay Dillon at 415.831.2682.