February 5th, 2010

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Blogateaux by Anna Lebedeff


If there were a Chocolate Olympics, the judges would have to create a new platinum medal to award Kay Dillon for outstanding feats of chocolaty goodness. If Kay had her way, the medal would be molded from the finest Belgian chocolate.

You might call Kay a Chocolate Olympian. First trained as a classic pastry chef and chocolatier, she has spent over 15 years perfecting her handcrafted line of chocolates and candies, and offering them as favors alongside her breathtaking Beaux Gateaux wedding cakes. As any artist who truly loves her work, Kay constantly strives to create edible works of art made with only the finest ingredients. Now, alongside her popular classic chocolate truffles, she has developed 14 varieties of organic vegan chocolates, including truffles, caramels, nuts, and crèmes, that are likely the best chocolates ever made, and you would be wise to buy them.

What kind of moxie goes into making such a claim?

Traversing the aisles of your local market can be downright tricky. You are compelled to buy organic, ethically-sourced, healthy products, while supporting local businesses. And yet, you want something yummy.

Never fear. Kay Dillon has created the perfect solution to your woes, and the bottom line is, you get to eat candy.

Observe the facts. Let’s start with the flavor combinations.  The complete list is on the chocolate page at www. beauxgateaux.com.  Here are three examples. They sound tasty, no?

“Vegan Do Anything” Lavender Truffle: All organic: lavender infused coconut milk in semisweet chocolate

Fleur de Sel: All organic: carbon-free cane sugar and coconut milk caramel with Celtic sea salt

Coconut Crème: All organic: carbon-free cane sugar, semisweet chocolate, coconut, coconut milk, agave nectar, and Celtic sea salt.

Organic-this. Carbon-free-that. Celtic sea salt. Yes. I’ve heard that stuff is awesome. Aside from their kicky names and adorably giftable packaging, these scrumptious treats are made from the highest quality ingredients available.

Oh, yeah…and chocolate is good for you. No, really.
Ok, you already knew that. But did you know that coconut is also really good for you? And the two of them together are gangbusters. As we’ve already established, you know that cocoa contains a high level of flavonoids, specifically catechins, which are powerful antioxidants proven to benefit cardiovascular health. As with any plant, the more pure and unprocessed the cocoa, the better the chances of nutrient retention and potency. Kay only uses the finest organic Belgian chocolate, so the chances of those catechins melting their way into your heart are greatly improved.

Now here’s the really cool part. The fact that these chocolates are vegan actually makes the flavonoids in the chocolate even more effective. Studies show that dairy inhibits the absorption of these flavonoids. By replacing the traditional heavy cream with coconut milk, Kay has tapped into a healthy and delicious option for us all to enjoy.

Still not convinced? Coconut contains a rare form of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) that help lower the risk of both atherosclerosis and heart disease, without negatively affecting cholesterol.

There. Now that you’ve been assured that these chocolates are indeed good for you, are made by hand locally from vegan organic ingredients, and you believe beyond a reasonable doubt that they will be delicious, isn’t it time you stopped reading this and started eating them?

Where Do I Get These Bad Boys??
Confections by Kay Dillon can be purchased at select Bay Area Whole Foods locations, at Miette Confiserie on Octavia Street in San Francisco, or any time by special order through her web site.

bon appetite et merci!

Beaux Gateaux